The Sessions


Recipe for Success

Here is a sample of some targeted and specific oral tasks designed to boost communicative competency:

  • Speaking with clients: describing products and services, giving and asking for information.

  • Speaking over the phone: learn the 3 phases of a professional phone call along with some fixed expressions.

  • Practise your company presentations.

  • Speak about your industry using your specific vocabulary.

  • Practise interview skills.

  • Role play negotiations.

  • Describe a process.

  • Converse with clients about general topics.


The professional English lessons focus on improving executive speaking and listening skills - skills we know that are linked. Additionally, the lessons help build work-related English vocabulary and general English fluency.

I offer your organization:

  • Tailor-made English training as a fully qualified and highly experienced native-speaker trainer.

  • Flexible access to videoconference sessions: all online sessions can be accessed from any PC, Mac or smartphone.

  • Flexible timetable including evenings and weekends.

  • Cost-saving solutions: with online classes, there is no need to waste time and money on travel. 

Corporate training

Return on Investment

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