About me

A warm welcome to all 

I am Linda Salamin, the founder of e-Oral English. I am an American from the northeastern part of the US and have been living in Switzerland for over 30 years.


A bit about my experience: I have founded and managed a language school specifically for professionals for 10 years, which I sold in 2019.  I have also taught business communication and writing in other tertiary institutions. I have been training professionals from all fields for over 20 years. This has shown me that what is most needed both professionally and socially is oral competency coupled with flexibility in time and place. I have seen many professionals renounce their language training due to a lack of coordination with their work/travel schedules. At times, this has led to a missed professional opportunity.


This has inspired me to think of all oral-based training where one can easily access classes without the commuting and with a more flexible timetable.

As for my credentials, I am a linguist, writer trainer, and translator with over 25 years of experience. Here are some of my qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Management (University of New York)

  • Master of Arts in Open & Distance Learning (University of London)

  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (University of Leicester)

  • Many conferences & workshops given by Cambridge, Oxford and ETAS (English Teachers of Switzerland)

I am also a researcher and blog writer mostly in the fields of the effectiveness of online learning, business, and health. 

Email : admin@e-oral.net

Phone: +41 079 376 7966

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