My Approach

Committed to Excellence

I believe that effective speaking skills can only be acquired through guided practice. This means speaking about a given, pre-prepared topic with a qualified, native speaker teacher. Equally important is sustaining your motivation which I do through appealing to your interests and providing constructive feedback.

I coach with empathy and compassion as I understand that improving oral skills is hard work. 

I understand that your return on investment is important. That is why we fix measurable and attainable objectives from the beginning so that we can prove that you have indeed attained your objectives at the end of your sessions with a final oral test. Finally, you receive an end of course attestation indicating your language level - according to the Common European Framework of Languages scale (CEFR) along with a list of tasks that you can do.

I guarantee that my approach is effective, and builds self-confidence and improved speaking skills. It will furnish you with the proper support system that will increase your level of English oral communication skills.

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