Are you a professional but your language level doesn't serve your position?

Benefit from convenient coaching sessions wherever you are.

Easy access from your computer or devices. Nothing to download.

Work on skills:

  • product or service presentations

  • negotiations

  • interviews

Work on fluency or maintain level:

  • speak about news topics

  • speak about your industry happenings


I can help.

Having trained professionals in communication skills for

over 20 years, I can quickly evaluate your level, pinpoint 

your needs, and fix objectives. 

All outcomes are measurable.

I teach through micro-lessons via videoconferencing. 

My lessons are:

  • short and measurable

  • personalized

  • cost-efficient

  • time-savers


This is just-in-time-learning. You learn only what you need.


What you learn can be applied directly to your workplace.

Email :

Phone: +41 079 376 7966

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